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Watsu Sarasota

Warm water is the ideal medium for freeing the body.

Watsu is done in a heated pool or body of water which allows the body to stretch much more profoundly, effecting releases not possible otherwise.  This is beneficial especially for those who cannot comfortably lie or sit on the conventional massage table or chair, and allows for weightlessness of the client.  Other goals include strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and the range of motion of the client.  Click here for client testimonial

By supporting, rocking, and moving the whole body while stretching a leg or arm, Watsu lessens the resistance there is when a limb is worked in isolation.  When the whole body is in continual movement, each move flowing gracefully to the next, there is no way to anticipate what’s coming next and build up resistance. Without pain, the body can move beyond those limitations fear would otherwise impose. New life can be stretched into long neglected connective tissue and the restricted body is shown new possibilities of freedom.

The video below will explain all about Watsu

Watsu Video

Cathy is available to work with you in the privacy and comfort of your own home.   The only requirement is a pool heated to 97 degrees and the willingness to "let go".  


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